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Vasilka Bukov Landscape & Design is a Woman Owned and Operated Local Business!

Vasilka Bukov


“Plant the seed that makes the change in your life”. That was the advice My father, George gave me when I was growing up. Never did I imagine, following in my father’s footsteps as a true farmer on every level but I guess it was inevitable. 

Growing up in Greenwich with both sides of my family in the landscape contracting industry is just apart of my roots. My grandfather, Din Gospodinoff (on my mothers side) Began Greenwich Landscape in the 1930’s. He had the great privilege & opportunity to create some of the greatest estates in Greenwich CT. 

On the other side; my father George Bukov was the minister of agriculture in Bulgaria during the communist years. It only made sense to carry on my father‘s and families legacy since my fathers retirement at 82 years of age. 

The story of how my parents met I’ll save for another time. But my fathers story of how he escaped from Bulgaria in 1967 into Italy is far more interesting; he sought refuge in a small town called Latina With literally just the clothes on his back. He walked from Yugoslavia to Italy to seek freedom and two years later he would be recruited to the USA, eventually ended up in Greenwich CT creating his own beautiful landscapes and continuing his passion for growing amazing plants and flowers. 

Growing up my life was filled with extensive knowledge, on the lay of the land, being submerged into nature, surrounded with beautiful plants & Flowers I was raised to be A true farmer, and felt that it was important to carry-on what came naturally to me. I decided after being in fashion for many years and traveling the world to spend sometime with my father where I discovered A new found passion in landscape design development. 

I planted my seed that day and have enjoyed every day since. And blessed with creating some of the most beautiful landscapes for my clients. 

We are a certified woman owned business with extensive knowledge and all fields of land design development. We have a strong team of men and women that are knowledgeable and capable of all the aspects what it entails to complete all size projects, whether it’s commercial or residential. We are more than happy to meet with clients for free consultations. 

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